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Medico Insurance Company has served the insurance needs of Americans since 1930, establishing a proven track record in providing quality insurance solutions. Today, Medico Insurance Company, Medico Corp Life Insurance, and Medico Life and Health Insurance Company's products are designed to help protect the financial well-being of our policyholders while our employees are dedicated to providing the kind of customer service they deserve. We seek to understand our customers' and agents' needs in order to offer products and services that exceed their expectations.



Short Term Recovery Care Insurance

  • Unexpected injury or illness can quickly drain your savings and retirement funds. Medico Insurance Company's Short Term Recovery Care can help cover these costly expenses while you recover in a Nursing or Assisted Living Facility or for expenses related to Home Health Care, Adult Daycare, or Hospice Care.


Final Expense Whole Life Insurance

  • Perhaps the most difficult challenge that anyone faces is the death of a loved one.  This hardship is compounded all too frequently by financial loss. Medico Insurance Company's Final Expense Insurance plan can help ease this financial burden for you and your family.


Medicare Supplement Insurance

  • Insurance designed to assist with the out of pocket cost of medical expenses that are not covered by Medicare. This product is provided by Medico Insurance Company or Medico Corp Life Insurance Company.


Dental, Vision and Hearing Insurance

  • Medico Insurance Company has designed this product to assist you in the cost associated with protecting all three of these assets. We currently have a new version of our product, DVH Plus, in all states, but FL, GA and VA


Hospital Indemnity Insurance

  • Because accidents or serious illness can happen at any time, and the high cost of hospitalization and related expenses can be overwhelming, Medico Insurance Company's Hospital Indemnity Insurance plan can help provide a safe harbor for you and your family.


First Diagnosis Cancer Insurance

  • Unfortunately we live in an age where Cancer is prevalent. Medico Insurance Company's First Diagnosis Cancer plan can help with the financial burden when a person receives a pathological diagnosis of internal cancer or malignant melanoma.  This is a one time benefit, paid directly to you, to use how you see fit.


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